One Day

When’s the last time you felt a real, genuine connection with someone?

A stranger, a sibling, a classmate, a parent…anyone. Anything.

These days life passes us by at a pace that’s immeasurable. We get tiny moments here and there with the people we care about, then we’re off to our houses as soon as we can to spend another bucket of hours watching a show we’ve already seen twenty times. It makes no sense that we crave real connections with people but also refuse to get out of the boxes that we live in for more than half of our lives.

This is more specific to countries with a lot of big metropolitan cities. Back home everyone knows each other. They get that raw connection simply by seeing each other, checking up, spending more time with others than they do without them. And here, I hear people left and right talk about how lonely they are. Reminds me of a song..

Take me to the places and the people that know me
Tryna just connect, thinking maybe you could show me
If there’s so many people here, then why am I so lonely?

But people have their unhealthy work hours here. They spend so much time making the money they need to enjoy their life that there isn’t any time left to enjoy it. Reminds me of another song..

I don’t wanna be eighty-five, singing
“Oh, no, I think I missed it, I was chasing money”

Is this it? Is this what life is? An endless cycle of repetitive “How are you? I miss you! It’s been sooo long!” texts that don’t result in anything? Is it seeing the people you love once in an entire year? Is it us anticipating, expecting a better life one day that is 100% not guaranteed?

Is it us putting off all of the important things for one day?