Big City

With its deafening dazzle and blinding hubbub. Always too much going on.

I used to want to escape it. Find a quiet tree house somewhere.. Now I embrace it.

I didn’t know if I wanted this piece to hang like this:


Because I like to tease the city as much as I like

to love it. If the towers were pointed the right

way, it’d just be way too friendly. I thought

hanging it upside down might be a little

too unfriendly. So this way seemed about right.

But the thing that I love about big cities is that

they bleed. Sure, they’re bright, they’re


But they’re hard. Grimy. Difficult.

They’re too much.

So upside down is what worked. Somehow, it was familiar. Seeing the towers

bleed upside down reflected what big cities are composed of. People. Pain. Pandemonium.

It’s glamour until you look too closely.

3 thoughts on “Big City

  1. chasingsakina

    It’s an incredible feeling stumbling across another incredibly unique blogger who alters perception of things, talks about things with meaning and depth ✨ I’m so grateful for the minutes to myself that I’ve been able to read all your posts (‘:

    Cannot wait to read more from you In’Sha’Allah! Till then, please know that your presence is cherished and your words valued and loved ✨

    Liked by 1 person

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